Laissez-nous voyageons! Deixe-nos viajar! Let’s Travel!

“Laissez-nous voyageons!”- French for “Let us Travel!”, the main language in France.

“Deixe-nos viajar!”- Portuguese for “Let’s Travel!”, the main language in Rio.

“Let’s Travel!”- English for “Let’s Travel!”,the main language in Australia.

                                                                       If I were to visit overseas, there would be three places I would love to go to. Rio– the land of festivities. Australia– the land of exotic animals. And last but not least, France– the land of discovery. Come with me on this awesome trip to explore these wonderful places! ( Don’t worry, I’ll pay for air travel 🙂 )


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We have arrived in Rio! The plane was so crowded because the 2016 Summer Olympics are taking place. I am so excited! First, after we go to the resort, you and me will go to the stadium and be one with the crowd. Along the way, we spot  the Christ the Redeemer statue. I snapped a few pics, but we had to hurry because otherwise we would lose our front-row seats! Did you know that the Head Builder of the Christ the Redeemer statue wrote the names of his family members above the heart of the statute both on the inside of the statue and out side? I didn’t! The popular game Angry Birds Rio was based of here, which I think is cool. Rio also has some awesome beaches and carnivals. It looks like we are in for some fun!


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Next stop- Australia.  We are near Uluru rock, so let’s visit that first, okay? Yes? Good. We have to climb up this huge rock, so drink lots of water. Once we are up, I guess we can zipline down. 2 hours later- Whew! We are at the top. That was pretty fast! Now let’s take a few photos. Snap! Snap! Ok, all done here. Come on- the ziplining from Uluru rock starts at three-thirty! Once we are at the bottom, we can check out the marine animals and other exotic species that are only native to Australia. We have a lot in store!

Visit these awesome bloggers who live in Australia!


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The final destination is France. Don’t worry, even though French is the main language here, we will be able to get around since I took French Classes! First let’s go to France’s most well known symbol- The Eiffel Tower.We can climb up to midway but I must warn you that, once again, this climb is going to be tiring. Let’s hurry! Whew, that was a long walk. Now we have to climb up the Eiffel Tower-groan-I am pretty hungry. Ooh, luckily there are two restaurants at the bottom of the tower. We’ll eat a nice lunch, but where should we go? Le 58 Tour Eiffel or Le Jules Verne? Let’s go to-eenie meenie miney mo- Le Jules Verne! Aah…That was a good lunch. Now let’s walk up the tower, come on! It’s an awesome view up here, and I can see the wonderful Paris landscape in the distance. Ding Ding! Wait a second, that sounds like an elevator. There was an elevator all along? What! Oh well there is this famous quote-

Author unknown
There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

That was an awesome trip. I hope you had fun and learned some stuff along the way. Comment about the top three places you would like to go.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

What are the top ten things that make you happy? I know there are lots of thing that make me happy, but here are the top ten in order from my favorites to most favorite.

10.Playing video games. Video games always cheer you up. For example, let’s say you are in the middle of homework, and all of a sudden your mom says to go and play video games. That’s pretty fun.

9. Chocolate. It is so rich and flavorful, and it always seems to enlighten your mood.

8.Music. I really like listening to music, it helps soothe your mind and it will almost always keep you upbeat.

7. Carnivals and Amusement parks. I like winning stuff, and it is always good to have a thrill in your life. I like the experience of driving a car in go karting and bumper cars, and I am happy winning stuff in arcades.

6. Reading a book and then watching it’s movie adaptation. It is always fun to find the differences in a book and the movie for me. I find it like a little activity that combines two great thing, watching movies and reading books.

5. Animals. Even though I am allergic to a few animals, and hate one or two, in general, I love animals.

4. Exploring new things. I like to find things out by myself, and I love to go on an adventure. 

3.Playing outside. I like to play outside, whether it is a game of basketball at the basketball court or a water balloon fight outside of my house.

2.Friends. Friends are very fun to be with, and they are always there to make you laugh and cheer you up.

1. The thing that most makes me happy is my family. They are always there to encourage me, help me, and  make me happy. They are always trying to make sure that I am having an awesome ride through life. They  are there when I need them, and they help me whenever I need their help. That is why my family is what makes me most happy.

Music is #8 on my list. I really like music, and my favorite band is Imagine Dragons. Most of Imagine Dragons’ songs aren’t really the “Cloud Nine” Happy songs, so I will give my second favorite song That really makes me happy. Note: You can check the blog post labeled”Songs” To find my favorite songs.

This song is Paradise by Coldplay. It is a very upbeat happy song and I always feel happy listening to this song.

This song makes me happy. The minions make it extra funny.

What song makes YOU happy? Comment below!

My Future in 10 steps

Do you wonder what the future would be like? What your job would be, or even what college you will attend? Well I think I’ve got my future planned, so here is my future in 10 steps.

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1. Get a good score on the SAT

2.Get a scholarship for playing basketball

3.Go to MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


4. Study Genetics.

5. Sell photographs and sketches that I made. 

6.Become a genetic engineer

7. Sue McDonalds for giving fake food

8. Cure cancer

9.Buy a Ferrari 458 Italia and a mansion

See the Ferrari webpage here:


My dream job would be  a genetic engineer, but I think the best job ( and my “real” dream job) would be a window washer. Think about it, suspending from a rope spraying water everywhere on the 23rd floor of a building. Awesome.

What is your dream job? Leave a comment on the padlet wall about your life in ten steps.


Note to Parents: How TO IMPROVE Your Kid’s Learning

How can we make kids learn more? I am going to give some tips to parents on how we can improve this the way kids behave.

1.Ask kids for their opinion before signing them up for something. Sometimes kids don’t want to do what they are signed up for. They end up not being focused and the don’t have fun.

2.Ask your kids about what’s happening. If you occasionally or rarely ask them about what’s happening, they will think you don’t care.

3. Care for your kid’s talent.  If your kid is very good at poetry, help enhance his talent. 

4. Let your child have an environment that suits their needs. If they need to be somewhere quiet, make sure there is no noise nearby.

5. Give your child the respect they need. If you discourage them, they will have a lower self-esteem and may not focus as well.

So if you are a parent, please take this advice and help your kid suit his/her needs.




Leadership Poem

The Student Blogging Challenge for this week was all about leadership. I chose to make a poem. So here it is!


Put one foot forward,

Let your strenght prevail.

With you, they are armored,

Don’t let them become a fail.

You are their role model,

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                                                                                           You are their hero

                                                                                            You are as powerful as a missile,

                                                                                           Without you, they’re zero.

                                                                                            You are their leader,

                                                                                              Their ultimate power.

You will help guide them,

Trough sun or shower.

That is my poem. If you like  it, please comment, then add your own poem.



I was listening to some music yesterday on my iPhone, when I thought maybe I should share my favorite songs with you guys. So Here are my top 5 favorite songs.

1. Demons by Imagine Dragons Night Visions

2.It’s Time by Imagine Dragons Night Visions

3. Paradise by Coldplay Mylo Xyloto

4.On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons Night Visions

5. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons Night Visions

Those are my top five favorite songs. I thought it would be pretty funny to see how a voki would sing my favorite song, so I tried it. I put it on for you to enjoy the entertainment.

I had to cut off a few verses because of word limit, but I hope you like it!

Comment what your top 5 favorite songs are!


If I could be any animal….

If I could be any animal in the world I would probably be a tiger. Tigers are one of the only two cats I like, tigers and lions. I hate all the other cats, mostly since they are annoying and I am allergic to them. Oh well, back to the point.

I would be a tiger because If I was a  tiger, I would want to teach all poachers a lesson.

I would also be a tiger because tigers all always having an adventure. It would always be like a game of hide-n-seek, hiding in the grass and pouncing on animals.

Lastly, I would like to be a tiger since there are only a few tigers left in this world, if I am a tiger, I could warn all the others to be careful.

Like the video? Comment!

Coto with snowy face and open mouth!Roar! Please comment about what animal you would like to be.

Photo Credit: Tambako The Jaguar via Compfight


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I, Pranav the Proud, just pricked my pinkie with a pointy pushpin. Say that three times fast. Isn’t that a tongue-twister? I know, pushpins can make stuff hard. But there is one guy who sees pushpins as art. Here, look at this video!


Like the video? Comment on what your creative idea is to do stuff out of the box with ordinary stuff.


If you watched the video, you would understand the cartoon. If you like the cartoon, please comment. Adios!Ciao!


Happy Easter Guys! I wanted to make a Voki for this occasion, so here it is!

Happy Easter! I am the Easter Bunny! I like going on Easter Egg Hunts. Do you? I am a friend of Batman, so he let me do a presentation. It all started one Easter day.Oh well, that’s a different story. Well, goodbye and Happy Easter!

Fun Facts About Easter

1.In the olden days, the easter treats, like our Peeps and Easter eggs, were Hot Cross Buns.

2.The Germans were the first to use chocolate eggs for Easter.

3. 76 percent of people eat the ears of the chocolate bunny first, 5 percent eat the feet first, and 4 percent eat the tail first.

4. Eostra, the goddess of fertility and spring, was symbolized with the rabbit. That is why the Easter symbol is almost always a rabbit.

A visit from the Easter Bunny

5.Easter is the celebration of The Resurrection of Jesus.

6.An average household spends $131 dollars on Easter every year. Multiply that by the number of average households in the United States, you get around $14.7 billion in total.

7. Americans consume over 16,000,000 jellybeans on Easter.That’s enough to circle the globe three times!

8. 90 million chocolate bunnies, 91.4 billion chocolate eggs and 700 million marshmallow Peeps are produced in the United States each year. Talk about a Peep invasion!

9.The Easter Egg roll at The White House was started in 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes.

10. Florida just stopped dyeing chicks for Easter, and it will only come into effect on July 1st. Half of the United States already banned it. 

Colorful chicksDiversity Clucks

Think Chick- Dyeing should be outlawed? Comment! Like the Voki? Comment! Happy Easter!

Photo Credit: aussiegall via Compfight 

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Omar Chatriwala via Compfight

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