Laissez-nous voyageons! Deixe-nos viajar! Let’s Travel!

“Laissez-nous voyageons!”- French for “Let us Travel!”, the main language in France.

“Deixe-nos viajar!”- Portuguese for “Let’s Travel!”, the main language in Rio.

“Let’s Travel!”- English for “Let’s Travel!”,the main language in Australia.

                                                                       If I were to visit overseas, there would be three places I would love to go to. Rio– the land of festivities. Australia– the land of exotic animals. And last but not least, France– the land of discovery. Come with me on this awesome trip to explore these wonderful places! ( Don’t worry, I’ll pay for air travel 🙂 )


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We have arrived in Rio! The plane was so crowded because the 2016 Summer Olympics are taking place. I am so excited! First, after we go to the resort, you and me will go to the stadium and be one with the crowd. Along the way, we spot  the Christ the Redeemer statue. I snapped a few pics, but we had to hurry because otherwise we would lose our front-row seats! Did you know that the Head Builder of the Christ the Redeemer statue wrote the names of his family members above the heart of the statute both on the inside of the statue and out side? I didn’t! The popular game Angry Birds Rio was based of here, which I think is cool. Rio also has some awesome beaches and carnivals. It looks like we are in for some fun!


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Next stop- Australia.  We are near Uluru rock, so let’s visit that first, okay? Yes? Good. We have to climb up this huge rock, so drink lots of water. Once we are up, I guess we can zipline down. 2 hours later- Whew! We are at the top. That was pretty fast! Now let’s take a few photos. Snap! Snap! Ok, all done here. Come on- the ziplining from Uluru rock starts at three-thirty! Once we are at the bottom, we can check out the marine animals and other exotic species that are only native to Australia. We have a lot in store!

Visit these awesome bloggers who live in Australia!


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The final destination is France. Don’t worry, even though French is the main language here, we will be able to get around since I took French Classes! First let’s go to France’s most well known symbol- The Eiffel Tower.We can climb up to midway but I must warn you that, once again, this climb is going to be tiring. Let’s hurry! Whew, that was a long walk. Now we have to climb up the Eiffel Tower-groan-I am pretty hungry. Ooh, luckily there are two restaurants at the bottom of the tower. We’ll eat a nice lunch, but where should we go? Le 58 Tour Eiffel or Le Jules Verne? Let’s go to-eenie meenie miney mo- Le Jules Verne! Aah…That was a good lunch. Now let’s walk up the tower, come on! It’s an awesome view up here, and I can see the wonderful Paris landscape in the distance. Ding Ding! Wait a second, that sounds like an elevator. There was an elevator all along? What! Oh well there is this famous quote-

Author unknown
There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

That was an awesome trip. I hope you had fun and learned some stuff along the way. Comment about the top three places you would like to go.

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    • I found it at bunnyhero labs under fun stuff. Sorry I was not checking the blog lately, I had many camps and activities. Have a good summer!


  1. Hi Pranav.

    Did you know that Uluru is sacred to the indigenous people, and they don’t like people climbing it? You can walk around the side though.

    • Hi Sam,

      I read about that! I had a question about it though,

      Do they believe anything happens to those who climb it?


  2. Hi Pranav!

    I’m not sure if you’re checking your blog, but I’m writing to all of my alumni bloggers with a special request. I just wrapped up Bridge to the Ridge today, and am hoping to recruit my all-star bloggers to write a back-to-school post on your best book(s) of the summer. Or, a top 10 list of great books to read. The first week of school, I’ll be talking about blogging and showcasing your blogs. I hope you can make the time to post! Enjoy the last few weeks of summer. 🙂

    See you House B!

    Mrs. Rombach

  3. Hi Pranav!

    I saw your Mom and Dad at Back to School Night and promised I’d leave a comment here on your blog. My goal is to encourage you to come back to blogging! The blogosphere misses you. I miss you. The world needs your 8th grade brilliance front and center.

    Mrs. Smith and I are starting a blogging club. You should join us! We’ll take part in the Student Blogging Challenge–and really have fun connecting with kids around the globe. You could even make this a big brother/little sister outing.

    So…what do you think? Can I convince you to come back to blogging? You know you miss my constant comments. Come back!!!

    Please tell you parents and your sister that I couldn’t be happier with my Minions poster. How wonderful to have that dropped on my desk last week. Well, you know what would be more wonderful? YOU COMING BACK TO BLOGGING! Yes, you can do it.

    I’ll be waiting!
    Mrs. Rombach

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